About Us

Company Background:
Founded in 2002 eGroupTech was formed to address the growing need for Technology Strategy and Technology Management within the Small - Medium Business market segment (SMB).

Sustain a "State of Excellence" in our customer relationships, technical and business knowledge, products, services and support.

Our primary mission is:

  • “The Fusion of People, Processes and Technology" within your business providing a sustained competitive advantage
  • Provide business process and technology solutions to organizations that are cost effective, practical and add real value
  • Partner of choice for all of your technology requirements from contract CIO/CTO services to desktop support
  • Offer consulting, hardware and software products at competitive prices coupled with support contracts and training options designed to meet your company's needs
  • Strive to be on the leading edge of technological knowledge by maintaining a staff of motivated, experienced, and highly trained employees working together collaboratively
  • Committed to building and maintaining long term client relationships based upon service excellence and real solutions

Our organization supports the following values:

  • Make and keep our commitments to customers, colleagues, the company and ourselves
  • Contribute to the growth and prosperity of our company through individual, team and total company effort
  • Show respect for others and ourselves by being open, honest, truthful and by resolving conflict
  • Behave in a ethical, legal, fair and balanced manner
  • Continuously learn, encourage one another, celebrate, and do worthwhile, high quality work

Process Management is more than the automation or re-engineering of processes. It involves the integration of rapidly changing technology into any and all processes within any business segment of the professional, service, manufacturing, education, or governmental sectors.

The focus of Process Management should not be on the singular improvement of one business process. The real focus should establish a foundation within the organization so it’s people become involved with, take ownership of, and provide continuous improvement in “all" processes. The results are shorter cycle times, improved quality, higher customer satisfaction, and a value added process.

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